Just a couple of kids (READ: NOT ACTUALLY PEOPLE AT PIXAR, JUST NORMAL BLOGGERS WITH COMPUTERS) working together to bring you the screenshots, video, music, and stills from all the Pixar movies.

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    Ellie is named after and voiced by Pete Docter’s daughter, Elizabeth “Elie” Docter.

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    Stunning pictures from ‘Lava’

    Take a look at these beautiful pictures from the new short ‘Lava’. They look absolutely amazing! 

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    to infinity and beyond done with this fucking school year

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    i will never un-see this

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    Nicely done, Pixar.

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    I never feel like more of a failure than when I can’t remember a piece of Harry Potter trivia. 



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    hey what’s up

    It’s a movie about a old man turning his house into a hot air balloon


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