"Dory’s character was more than comic relief; as Stanton saw it, her memory loss made her innocent like a child-a substitute child for Marlin during his quest. Dealing with her would force him to learn a modicum of patience and tolerance for her venturesome risk taking, preparing him to be a better father when he finds his son.”

“Stanton also spoke of a spiritual aspect to the relationship of Marlin and Dory. Dory was, literally, an angel fish. “The protagonist’s battle was to overcome fear by discovering faith, and certainly Dory represented the angel, or the helper who showed him how to let go and not be consumed by his worries.””

“He observed that subtlety is critical for giving films such as Pixar’s a spiritual or religious dimension. “My personal view is that if you go into things on a pulpit or with an agenda in the creative world, it can easily get in the way of your creativity and quality…Be Christ-like in everything you do, not worrying about whether you’re furthering the cause.””

From The Pixar Touch

I seriously just appreciate Finding Nemo even more now. Yes this quote resonates with me a lot, being a Christian and a writer, but the processes involved in making the film, the passion, all of it, just made me ASJHKFLSHSJS on the inside. (The quote does too, come to think of it). They are so…obsessed when they make their films. The idea grips them and they set out to make something that is near perfect. That kind of dedication is really inspiring. And it’s the fact that they never abandon the story; so even while the audience is awestruck by how realistic the water looks, or other technical aspects, they’re still falling in love with these characters and they’re engaging in the story. It is definitely a lot to apply to one’s own creative endeavor. Yes we can refer to them as Pixar wizards; but really, they just love what they do and are willing to put in the hard work and hours to bring us something truly remarkable. Don’t take that for granted.

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