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27 June 12

The thing is, she doesn’t hate girly clothes. She hates the restrictive gown her mother makes her wear despite the fact that she can barely move in it and it’s almost hard to breathe. If she did hate girly clothes, would she traipse about and ride her horse, shoot arrows in the green dress? Didn’t think so. That dress she hates wearing symbolizes her freedom being restricted, and the fact that she doesn’t want to wear it only proves that she’s a regular human being who wants to be comfortable. And it’s been said about 100000 times already, but this film focuses on the bond between a mother and daughter and what it means to change your fate. There’s no mention of sexuality anywhere. While I understand what a gay animated heroine would mean for a lot of people, labeling Merida as one simply because she’s 16 years old and has no desire for marriage or romance at the present time is problematic.

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