Just a couple of kids (READ: NOT ACTUALLY PEOPLE AT PIXAR, JUST NORMAL BLOGGERS WITH COMPUTERS) working together to bring you the screenshots, video, music, and stills from all the Pixar movies.

  • andrewihla:

    One of my Christmas gifts to JoJo: the complete Pixar collection on Blu-Ray, in matching packaging I designed.  I purchased each movie we didn’t already have, and transferred them to Criterion’s beautiful all-art, all-clear cases.  The fronts, backs, spines, and insides of all 14 cases feature original Pixar development and concept art that I scavenged from various books n’ blogs and pieced together into designs that are hopefully a little more complimentary to the films than the character clipart Disney uses.  Gonna make some little guidebooks for all of ‘em, with cast & crew info and bonus listings.

    Now this is pretty awesome :]

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