Just a couple of kids (READ: NOT ACTUALLY PEOPLE AT PIXAR, JUST NORMAL BLOGGERS WITH COMPUTERS) working together to bring you the screenshots, video, music, and stills from all the Pixar movies.

  • We leave for our trip up north in two weeks time.

    4/21 – SANTA BARBARA
    4/22 – SAN LUIS OBISPO
    4/24 – 4/26 SAN FRANCISCO

    We hope to run into a few of you crazy people on the road.

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  • i made this for cars 2 made me happy :) | just watched it yesterday|

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  • <p>A little over a week left for our <a href=”http://igg.me/p/33014?a=176250&amp;i=shlk”>indiegogo campaign</a>.</p>

    <p>We’ve updated our primer video to show what we’ve been up to for the past month and the truck is looking pretty awesome. &nbsp;Even <a href=”http://twitter.com/#!/leeunkrich/status/108600260590444545”>Lee Unkrich</a>&nbsp;likes the idea.</p>

    <p>Reblog if you support this project, even if you are not able to donate please spread the word.</p>

    <p>Thanks again.</p>

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  • We are currently raising funds for our road trip documentary featuring the Pizza Planet Truck. Here

    We are now in the process of making our rooftop rocket(s).

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  • All The Minimalist Pixar Posters (by mynameisdug)

    To view the full size photos of these prints, please visit the Picasa page at Minimalist Pixar

    Thank you to everyone who reblogged, liked, and spread around these posters over the past week.  I simply had this idea of making these posters because I love the minimalist style and I also love Pixar, so why not put the two of them together?

    All of these prints will be available to buy (once I figure out where I can print them and for how much).  Every print is 13” x 19”.  

    Thanks again to everyone and I love you all…big thanks for supporting an artist and his passion :)

    Please follow our blog at mynameisdug.tumblr.com so you can all be updated on the progress of getting these posters available to the masses!  Plus, you can see the story of why there are two people running the blog (me and my girlfriend)…a modern day Carl & Ellie

    -Travis (He)

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