"Your voice is worthwhile. Have faith in it." -John Lasseter

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Humor is the easiest to achieve; the heart is always the toughest because you can’t tell people to feel a certain way.

John Lasseter

So you don’t believe half the country is as corny as you, like Walt did? Noted.

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What we always try to look for at Pixar is an idea or story or subject matter that really connects with the audience…that the audience can relate to. We call it our foundation with the audience.

John Lasseter on the Monsters, Inc. commentary.
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  • #Brave does this. Just because it's traditional doesn't change this. #I don't get the claims that it doesn't live up to Pixar's standards (or standards by other people) but w/e floats your boat. #Although Brave is traditional it still allows people to relate. #All of Pixar's films do; if they didn't we'd all be watching high fantasy and wouldn't understand the characters at all. #You don't necessarily have to relate to character but it has to be real. And this is why I don't get Slash film's 15 reasons Brave isn't ... #Pixar enough. Disperse man. #John Lasseter #quotes #Pixar
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These characters and stories are so close to my heart. They combine my two loves-animation and cars!

John Lasseter at the Carsland opening. (via elliefredricksen)
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  • keepupbabe(I tried to send this a minute ago, but then the askbox went crazy.) But I feel like John Lasseter is just happy as long as he's allowed to keep making films and he doesn't care what anyone else thinks. Which he shouldn't.

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