• Random follower:How is Pete Docter like?
  • Andrew Stanton:Very tall is how he is.
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Lee Unkrich thinks you’re creepy if you’re watching people and not the movie.

Are you so sick of seeing the movie at this point that you’re no longer able to have that emotional reaction to it? Or do you start to hear these grown men cry, and you can’t help but get swept up in it all?

Lee Unkrich: There has been a lot of talk about people crying in the movie. I know that it happens. I have had a lot of people talk to me about it. But I have never witnessed it myself. Whenever I see the movie, I end up becoming so riveted by the film, that I forget to look around. Or I am uncomfortable looking around. I think that would be kind of weird. If you were in a movie, and there was one person not watching the screen, but looking around at all the other people, I think that would be kind of creepy. I’ve never done that. I watch along with everyone else, and I feel the general vibe coming from the theater. But I have never had the experience of seeing people wipe their eyes behind their 3D glasses. But I have friends who have seen that happened. I have never experienced it myself. I have just heard about it second hand.

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